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Monday, August 01, 2005 @ 10:11 AM | 0 comments

YsTd e meal was sho damn delicious at e restaurant!! i waited sho long 4 a meal at e restaurant yeahx?? hahaz!! ThAnKi 4 E mEaL aH mA!! wahahaz!! warte we had at e restaurant were lyk, crabs, lobster, mussell, mee goreng n alorte more manx!! eat until i sho DAMN full n farking put on another 2KG!! *AhHhH!!* totalli HATE it!! but e food was styl nice n it ish a once in awhile tingy sho it ish okie yeahx?? hehez!! Actualli we were suppose 2 eat at sum restuarnt near upper east coast rd but den it move 2 sumwhere near China town sho no choice kennot eat dere!! *SaDiStIc!!* after all we styl end up eating at east coast park!! Warte a marvellous idea!! *WhEe!!* saeing abt east coast i wanna go 2 e pub dere n c how it ish lyk!! must b fun yeahx?? hehez!! waiting 2 go!!

Coz mi fwenzi went dere!! * GoSh!!* XIAO YU U NEBER BRING MI GO!! hahaz!! actualli she did ask mi but that tyme was olreadi beri late n vivian had 2 go off earli yeahx?? hehez!! at e end we went down 2 BEDOK as usual!! hahaz!! met blue eyes n e rest whu r always at bedok yarhx?? hehez!! those bunch of peeps r realli nice pple n joker 2!! hehez!! especialli wif blue eyes jokes n stuffy lyk that yeahx?? he n his lame jokes but he ish a nice guy!! *Mr NiCe GuY!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~