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~*CiNg HiM hApPi MaKeS mI HaPpI 2!!*~

Friday, August 05, 2005 @ 7:42 AM | 0 comments

*WhEe!!* cing him happi coz his BMX parts has arrived den he kan start riding again makes mi happi 2!! dunch knw whyee lehx!! hehez!! at least now he much more cheerful n stuffy lyk that lorx!! Otherwise he will complain 2 mi that he MIZZES riding alorte alorte!! hahaz!! now that he kan ride he wun keep saeing he will mizzes riding!! instead he will sae *I MIZZEZ U!!* wahahaz!! *BlEaHx!!* But that ish norte e point yarhx?? just wanna c his cheerful face n e cheerful him again!! that all i wanna c!! eva since lortes of unhappi tingy happen n stuufy lyk that yarhx??

NoW that his bicycle ish readi, as he sae "THE LUKE IS BACK!!" hahaz!! realli hope that the real LUKE that i use 2 knw ish realli back!! coz cing him sho different makes mi realli hurt n stuffy lyk that!! now all i wanna c ish that he quit smoking that all!! coz last tyme he neber smoke when i first saw him!! that makes him real COOLZ manx!! *GoSh!!* but i knw loads of tingy gotta change coz i nid 2 realli concentrate on mi studies n i am worri that i wun haf tyme 2 accompani him olreadi but i will styl spend as much tyme wif him!! hehez!! he ish sho precious manx!! wahahaz!!

Back 2 sch again tml manx!! feel sho tired but styl must go yarhx?? hahaz!! gotta start tynking that sch ish a fun place otherwise i will realli DIE!! hahaz!! *PeAcEX!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~