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~*A dAe Of BusInEsT!!*~

Saturday, August 06, 2005 @ 12:05 PM | 0 comments

*WoOsH!!* finalli i am able 2 lyk sit down n write a post 4 mi blog 2dae yeahx?? hehez!! i was lyk sho busi e whole DAMN dae manz!! *GoSh!!* In e morning go 2 sch until afternoon den rush off 4 tuition n den after tuition rush down 2 his hse 2 look 4 him!! ish lyk a non-stop tiring dae manx!! wahahaz!! but it goin 2 b a long week of holis sho at least kan relac n studi as well yuppiez?? hehez!! now i am lyk waiting 4 him 2 cum back riding his BMX den mayb we will b goin outta yuppiez!! coz i tynk ish lyk sho late olreadi!! i also abit tired 2 go out or anitingy lyk that yup?? hahaz!! but i will try mi bestie 2 pull miself outta of e hse coz of sum special reasons that i dunch wanna explain n stuffy lyk that!! hehez!!

Listening 2 e music helping mi 2 relac mi mind coz just now i was studing mi chemistry as dere will b a major test up ahead!! hehez!! den wanna plae olso must studi sho that it will b balance n norte plae 2 much till i neglect mi studies yeahx?? hehex!! HmMm...hope that mi fnn that i haf done ish okie coz beri tired keep doin all e amendment n all!! *ZzZzZ!!* ah huh!! now i am starting 2 feel bored coz i haf gorte nth 2 do at all yeahx?? mayb goin back 2 studi again yeahx?? hehez!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~