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~*DaRkNeSs Of E wOrLd!!*~

Tuesday, August 09, 2005 @ 5:50 PM | 0 comments

It National dae 2dae!! and all of us as in mi guy and his fwenzi 2gether wif mi nu er r all goin down 2 esplanade 2 c fireworks!! but e farniest tingy that happen was that b4 we could lyk reach e esplanade, e fireworks started sho we sttod at marina sqaure n watch e fireworks!! *GoSh!!* it was sho DAMN beautiful!! *I sWeAr!!* n i haf neber since such a marvellous fireworks before manx!! *WoOhOo!!* hehez!! kan sae it was a long tyme eva since i last saw real fireworks live right infront of m eyes yeahx?? *ThAnKi GuYs!!* hehez!! moreover wif mi guy yeahx?? hehex!! feel that it ish lyk sho romantic yeahx?? *SwEeTiEz!!* aniwae realli njoy it yarhx??

though 1st we were lyk njoying but den.....sumtingy bad happen!! n u knw warte izzit?? i sort of lyk quarrel wif him again!! until lyk he dunch wanna tok 2 mi n bothered abt mi at all!! Damn it manx!! *ArGh!!* realli hate it when i quarrel wif him lorx!! sho fed up manx!! i mean i realli rathered we neber quarrel n stuffy lyk that den we quarrel n all manx!! shitti!! thot that we could lyk make tingy up but in e end it gorte worst!! until i end up breaking down!! worst of all he said that i was being CHILDISH!! *WaRte E fArk!!* ah huh!! look whu ish being CHILDISH here okie?? *SiCkO!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~