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Monday, August 08, 2005 @ 9:45 PM | 0 comments

it was definateli a sucky dae 2dae!! sort of had a quarrel wif mi bf coz i went 2 drink without telling him yeahx?? HmMm...actualli i didn't meant 2 drink at all yarhx?? but i was realli down n did norte knw warte 2 do at all nor kknwwhu 2 tok 2 sho i drink 2 overcum e problem!! that's all!! and he gorte DAMN farking angri over it yarhx?? shitti manx!! warte a fark up tingy that i haf done 2 make him lyk ANGRI?? or shall i sae he was GOD DAMN fed up wif him!! *GoSh!!* but he did norte even bothered 2 lyka sk mi whyee did i drink or sumtingy yeahx?? all he knw was 2 get angri wif mi for doing e wrong tingy!! Ooo...WARTEVA!! *SHITTI!!*

norte that i wanna get angri or upsad taht he ride or sumtingy!! i knw that he just gorte his bike back 2 him n i am happi abt that but at least he shld styl fynd sumtyme in accompaning mi den most of his tyme wif his bike!! i mean lyk i kan sae almost practically everydae he ish riding n i am just staying at his hm using e pc or accompaning his bro den when he gets hm i am olreadi lyk sleeping?? *ZzZzZ!!* den we onli get 2 c each other awhile when we wakie up den after that he goes riding again!! *Oh MaNx!!* feel sho abandon yarhx?? =X *SuCkI!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~