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~*NtH iSh MoRe PrEcIOuS dEn e PpLe ArNd Mi!!*~

Sunday, August 07, 2005 @ 9:16 AM | 0 comments

HmMm...suddenli i happen 2 tynk of all e past friendship i haf wif all mi fwenzi yeahx?? especialli mi bestie den i haf lose due 2 sum reasons yuppiez?? but cum 2 tynk of it i shld haf treasure those moments alorte alorte!! coz i realli mizzi those tyme wif dem yarhx?? lyk i haf a fwenzi whom i realli trust alorte n mizzi those tyme wif her olso!! we gorte 2 knw each other in a unique wae that i feel ish coolx!! den we realize we haf e same kinda characteristic sho we clinque very well yeahx?? hehez!! *WhEe!!* we lurve taking pictures 2gether, sho no matta where we go, as long dere ish e taking picture shop, we will go in n take picture!! hahaz!! *GoSh!!* guezzi u spend most of e money taking picture that tyme!! hahaz!! but it is njoyable manx!!

Realli mizzi those tyme 2gether!! we went out almost everydae last tyme, shop n shop 2 e fullest manx!! hahaz!! but unfortunateli our friendship ended due 2 sum pathetic reasons!! cum 2 tynk over it ish lyk DUMB n STUPID!! hahaz!! but warte over ish over!! frm den on i didn't realli trust anitingy abt bestie or warte!! just wanna haf fwenzi whu r trustable that's all!! hehez!! but i just hope our friendship kan b e same again yeahx?? *MiZzI u LoAdS!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~