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Sunday, August 07, 2005 @ 4:15 PM | 0 comments

ah huh!! 2dae i went out wif mi baby bro's!! we went 2 parkwae n haf a walk tok alorte olso!! hehex!! hmmm...den after that when we came hm we went 2 skate at his hse void deck!! had lotsa fun coz e last tyme i skate was lyk a yr ago yeahx?? hehex!! now i finalli skate again yeahx?? *WhEe!!* sho happi!! coz wheneva i skate mi problems will all b gone yarhx?? hehex!!
HmMm....realli wanna skate 4 life manx!! but now must concentrate on mi studies first!! as said "Studies Cum First!!" wahahaz!! *Oh GoSh!!* sadem ritezi?? hehex!! HmMm... i just mizzi skateboarding!! *ArGh!!*

Wah!! life ish just sho coolx wif skateboarding but aniwae realli wanna thanki mi *KOR* izzie aka izwan 4 giving mi his skateboard sho dunch i do norte nid 2 spend sho much money buyiung a new skateboard yeahx?? *ThAnX BrOtHeR!!* hehez!! btw realli mizzi toking 2 u yeahx?? catch up soon yeahx?? hehez!! *BlEaHx!!* n0rte goin 2 sch tml coz celebration den dunch wanna waste tyme goin 2 sch yeahx?? hehex!! go onli when neccessary yeahx?? hehex!! i am norte being a naughty galx or warte yeahx?? hehex!!

*MiZzI SkAtEbOaRdInG!!*
~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~