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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 @ 10:03 AM | 0 comments

it was a tiring dae 2dae manx!! whole dae in sch haf lesson ear e teaches tok n stuffy lyk that!! as usual warte we do in sch!! gorte nth 2 do during e cheena lesson sho i slept thru e whole lesson norte hearing warte she was teaching!! hahaz!! *GoSh!!* sch daes r alwaes that boring manx!! i mean e lesson r okie but being in sch norte having ani kloze fwenzi kan rather b kinda bored n all yeahx?? *BoReDem!!* how i wish mi outside fwenzi were just mi sch fwenzi coz i just sumhow rather feel that mi outside fwenzi r more betta den mi sch fwenzi!! hehez!!

Wah!! 2dae whole dae neber eat manx!! ish lyk totalli surviving on water onli nth else!! norte a single bit of food, neither any biscuits or bread!! yetz i am norte hungri or anitingy lyk that yeahx?? sho surprising manx!! *WoOhoO!!* coz i am alwaes a person wif DAMN huge appetite yarhx?? that whyee i feel that i am damn damn fat!! hahaz!! i tynk dere r sho mani tingy in mi mind 2 go in tynk abt that i neber go tynk sho much abt food n stuffy lyk that olreadi yeahx?? warte a marvellous dae!! *WhEE!!*

N now i am goin out!! luckili wed n thurs no sch den i kan lyk sleep longer coz i am realli sho tired!! lack of sleep manx!! *EyE BaGs R OuT!!* *AhHh!!* hehez!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~