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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 @ 1:18 PM | 0 comments

ystd mi ex kal mi kinda late sho i didn't pick up his kal!! den tis morning when i was waiting 4 bus i sms him asking whyee he kal mi 4!! den he said that he just wanna inform mi that steven(mi ex cum fwenzi cum kor kor cum fated neighbour) has past away!! when i heard e new i was lyk OMG!! totali went speachless n i mean reali SPEACHLESS!! reali dunch knw warte 2 sae n just feel lyk crying out loud straight away!! that when i was sitting in e bus i almost teared but i just hold it back!!

though at tymes he ish kinda dua kang n irritataing but he ish a nice guy 2!! without him i dunch tynk our conversation will b fun n interesting at all!! i alwaes rmb e tyme we ton downstair mi n his blk wif mi ex!! dey neber feel 2 crap arnd 2!! alwaes sharing their secret making fun of each other!! realli mizzi those tyme wif him!! worst of all i just happen 2 c him a few wks ago n he told mi that mi burfdae he bring mi go devil's bar!! den his burfdae wanna go celebrate at marina bay den such a tingy happen!! WHYEE?? realli SAD SAD SAD!! *STEVEN WHYEE DIDN'T KEEP UR PROMISE THAT U GOING 2 BRING MI 2 DEVIL'S BAR!! WHYEE DID U LEFT US ALL LYK THAT!!* *AhHhHh!!* I did not celebrate u n ivan burdae last yr den realli wanna make it tis yr den ur no longer dere!! haix!! whyee such a tingy must happen just a few daes b4 his burfdae!!

sometymes tingy r sho unexpected yarxh?? life ish just sho unpredictable!! *GoSh!!* it kinda scary at tymes!! but aniwae R.I.P!! n whoever r his fwenzi dunch b sad kae??

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~