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~*InTeReStInG dAe!!*~

Saturday, September 17, 2005 @ 5:26 PM | 0 comments

haa!! 2dae as usual mit naqiah den when out!! suppose 2 go BOWL but her bf sick sho neber ride den i accompani her!! we went 2 eat at parkwae hawker centre den when 2 jalan jalan at parkwae!! we saw a vest sho damn nice manx!! even naqiah sae that it was nice den 1st we thot that e price ish 6.90 coz it ish written dere but after that, it was $22.90 that we found out yarhx?? den mi n her was lyk!! *OMG!!* coz we were BROKE!! *ArGh!!* hate it!! haa!!

After that we went 2 giant n guezzi warte!! we went dere 2 try all sort of FOOD!! lyk hungri pple 10 daes neber eat lyk that!! we olso treat dere lyk a FOOD FARE!! *GoSh!!* hahaz!! but we realli njoy it yeahx?? hahaz!! gorte real angri wif kaili coz she blame mi 4 PS her!! WTF!! i olso neber sae i was goin out wif dem or warte yarhx?? i onli plan 2 mit naqiah that all!! *ShItTi!!*

aiya warteva lahx!! she happi kan liaox lahx!! but after all i wun blame her or warte yarhx?? we r styl fwenzi after all!! hehez!! *PeAcEx!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~