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~*NyTeZ oUtTa At BoWl!!*~

Saturday, October 08, 2005 @ 4:36 AM | 0 comments

Oh GOSH!! hahaz!! i realli did njoy miself 2dae at bowl manx!! though its onli e 3 galx dere, which ish mi, nina n xiao yu!! we were lyk crazi all e wae!! taking picture, saeing crazi words n doin farni stuffy!! in e end we look lyk DUMBO IDOITS!! haaz!! kinda spoil our image yeahx?? but we DUNCH kare!! we just wanna njoy n b crazi!! haaz!! den we came outta wif loads of lame n crappi ideas, doin crappi stuffy at bowl!! At e same tyme, while we were taking picture, we thots of farni actions which i tynk was sho........INTERESTING!! hahaz!! neber had such a wonderful picture portrait b4 manx!! it was sho MARVELLOUS!! *SwEeTiEz!!*

i realli kennot wait 4 e next outing that all of us will go out n take picture, craze arnd lyk mad galx!! realli hope that all of us will gather 2gether again n go outta beside mi, nina n xiao yu yeahx?? Aniwae realli had a great tyme at bowl 2dae n i hope e once in a blue moon that xiao yu go down bowl, tis was e most FUN tymes she had!! *LuRvAbLe!!*

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