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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 @ 6:20 PM | 0 comments

~*Posting for (14 nov 2005)!!*~
Oh manx!! i tynk ish a long long tyme eva since i blog again!! perhaps 2 busi wif e stuffy outta dere everydae!! moreover i was working 4 a period of 1 wk at parkwae sho totalli had 2 tyme 2 blog at all!! *GoSh!!* dere goes mi favourite word again!! wahahaz!! saeing abt work i finalli gorte a taste of hoew working life in e sales ish lyk!! ish norte EASI coz u kennot sit lyk 4 abt let sae.....10 hrs? except when ur eating ur dinner n all!! other den that u kennot sit ah!! until mi leg kan DIE totalli!! *BlEaHx!!* but 4 now i HATE that working place n i mean it that i HATE it!! coz dey anihow claim that i was irresponsible n hired another galx same age as mi but just that she ish waiting 4 N's result!! coz she could onli work 4 dem till end of dec n mi formal collegue ish olso working 4 dem until end of dec olso, sho e boss try kalling mi back 2 ask mi work 4 dem but i told dem NO coz i feel that dey r more den just irresponsible but making use of pple!!

Sho just FARK of mi side manx!! u guys r norte worth mi wroking 4 type of pple!! just a THRASHED 2 mi!! sho GET LOST n BUG OFF!! warteva izzit i olreadi found another job working 2gether wif mi bestie n thanki 2 her 4 introing mi that job!! hope that working dere will b much different den working at that G.BOSS shop at parkwae!!

aniwae i took a few pics of mi working attire coz i tynk e top ish sho coolx n cutiez!! e top ish warte dey provide!! lurve those picy!! *LuRvE!!*

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