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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 @ 6:49 PM | 0 comments

*SHITTI!!* warte a dae it was 2dae!! i actuali found outta that mi bf parents went down all e wae 2 mi mum hse just 2 fynd her n tok 2 her abt mi n him!! WTF lahx!! summore it ish a mth ago stuffy!! WTH!! tis make mi realli farking pissed off ah!! *PISSED!!* n i mean it!! ridiculous lahx!! dunch tell mi dey nth betta 2 do!! bestie of all both our parents kip tis matta frm us!! HA HA!! warte a JOKE ah!! DAMN it!! bloody peeps!! realli hated those childish acts his paprents r doin!! worst den a 2 yr old kid manx!! *ArGh!!* n coz i was farking pissed dere goes mi bad habit again!! started 2 thot of drinking!!

sho ystd i slack wif mi nu er downstair n we went 2 buy glenn vodka!! in e end we wasted e 10 bucks coz we just drink a sip of it!! n i mean realli a sip coz e taste SUCK 2 e core wanna!! summore had a quarrel wif mi bf coz of e drinking stuffy n all yarhx?? HATE IT lahx!! HATE IT when we quarrel!! i dunch wanna 2 quarrel lahx!! though gorte 2 his hse tis morning, we didn't even tok until we both fell asleep!! c warte i mean when i hate 2 quarrel!! *DAMN!!*

realli appreciated e wae he treat mi 4 that periods of mi working daes where he send mi those mushy sms n those words he sae 2 mi n e wae he treated mi!! coz now i tynk he ish back 2 his usual self again i guess!! totalli no comment olreadi!! *MiZzI!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~