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~*blogging in coz i haf e tyme 2!!*~

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 @ 3:25 AM | 0 comments

ah huh!! hmmm...nth much realli happen 2dae!! went down 2 mi working place 2 fynd my collegue coz dey r working n i am norte!! sho u c how bored kan i get lyk working once a wk or sho!! WTH!! i am getting e lowest pae eva lahx!! *ArGh!!* gosh manx!! er...den mi er zhi came 2 mit mi 2 pei tis lonely mummi of his n we slack at mos burger drank mi FAVOURITE corn soup!! *YuMmI!!* ddelicious manx!! wahahaz!! den waited 4 his fwenzi n went 4 a game of pool though i did norte play!! coz i scared pai seh ah!! haa!!

after that went 2 mit my sayang(naqiah) n ubi n went down 2 bowl wif her!! could c that she was realli beri tired manx!! but she njoys herself at work yarhx?? haa!! she gorte us loads of sweeets, chocolate n e rest whu wanted roccoo as well!! she lyk becum e EVRYTINGY haf women!! coolz ah!! mi IDOL!! haa!!

wanan go outta wif her n nina more often coz dey r both fun loving galx!! haa!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~