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Monday, December 19, 2005 @ 2:15 AM | 0 comments

seriousli ah i dunch understand sum guys u knw?? whyee izzit that when their galfwen sacrifice sho much 4 dem n do sho much 4 dem yet dey do norte appreciate a tingy!! WTF lahx!! realli kennot stand that type of guys!! can't dey just feel please n fortunate 2 haf such a galxfwen?? *GoSh!!*that warte mi bestie ish actualli goin thru lahx!! she use 2 lurve that guy alorte but coz he treat her sho badli that she kinda haf feelings 4 another guy olreadi!! but sadli e other guy coz of her current bf lose e faith in her lurve olreadi!!

sadistic ah!! warte a misery!! lurve ish realli sumtingy that kan blind every single 1 yeahx?? i do agree in that yeahx?? dunch understand whyee olso but yarhx i do belief!! hehex!! hmmm...i realli hope that guy will treasure her ah!! that tyme when i saw her cry sho badli when se broke up wif now her current bf b4 dey patch actualli i feel sho heartbroken manx!! i mean i realli couldn't take it 2 c her cry until lyk that ah!! if i kan i olreadi slap thet guy but lyk i sae i kan onli b e listening ear in everytingy but norte get invovle in others relationship coz ish between dem n 4 dem 2 solve thier on problem!!

thot i could lyk go jalan jalan wif her 2dae but in e end lso neber!! warte a sad tingy but we styl did njoy ourself ah galx?? haa!! laughing away lyk mad galx manx!! *QuIcK SeNd uS 2 IMH!!* haa!!

i wanna get extrim x!! ani1 kan get mi 1 !! haa!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~