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Wednesday, December 28, 2005 @ 2:11 AM | 0 comments

date: 26 dec 2005

i was sho farking piss off 2dae lahx!! sum pple said that i was roccat(selfish) just becoz i didn't wanted 2 lend him money 2 oreder mac 2 eat!! *ARGH!!* hey cum on if i am selfish i wun do sho much tingy 4 u okie?? u wanna mi buy food i buy food 4 u!! u wanna mi pack 4 i pack 4 u!! seriousli i am tynking haf u eva appreciate every single tingy i do 4 u lahx ah!! i seriousli tell u lahx ah!! i am upset u said such a tingy 2 mi okie??

sho much that i haf done 4 u i neber ask anitingy in return but warte did i get in return frm u?? i dunch knw izzit u dunch knw how 2 express ur feelings 2wards everytingy 2 mi but sumtymes ish just e tyme u haf 2 express coz i am norte feeling anitingy at all u knw?? norte even ani appreciation at all!! i realli dunch knw warte 2 sae at all!! n just sad n dissappointed alwaes crying 2 miself every single problems i haf!! norte being able 2 tell u coz i scareddere will b misunderstanding n i hate such quarrels 2 happen!! i rather we r happi den unhappi sho i rather i kips mi problems 2 miself n b unhappi miself yarhx??

if ur reading tis blog i just wanan sae i am norte blaming u or anitingy but u must reallli express sumtingy n show mi that u realli care n appreciate evrytingy i do yarhx?? coz i dunch wanna feel being let down or sumtingy kae?? but aniwae i appreciate everytingy u haf done 4 mi thou!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~