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~*ShOpPiNg SpReE dAe!!*~

Sunday, December 18, 2005 @ 2:53 AM | 0 comments

HmMm...met up wif joanna 2dae at town!! lyk warte else kan we do at town?? therefore we SHOP!! haa!! kan sae christmas spree ah!! haa!! bought sumtingy 4 mi baby boi as well!! hope that he will lyk it!! just kinda tynk that he needs that tingy i buy 4 him!! haa!! hmmm...bought miself a GuEsS wallet wich joanna olso tynk that it was realli nice!! coolz manx!! we both kinda haf e same taste!! ur my gurlx!! hehex!! she olso bought quite a lorte actualli!!

eh...she bought a pair of shoes den she bought warte else ah?? hmmm...actualli i can't realli rmb olso!! OoOoO...i rmb olreadi!! haa!! she bought 2 boxes of chocolate for he boi auntie n her mum as christmas prezzie!! sho sweet n caring of her ryte?? haa!! that e type of galx that i tynk make mi wanna hang out wif her more!! haa!! tymes realli flies n i olreadi knw her lyk 4 2-3 yrs yarhx?? heex!!

after that went out wif mi dad 4 dinner after his computer lesson!! he brought us 2 tis chicken rice shop near river valley if i am norte wrong yarhx?? ate alorte alorte manx!! i tynk i nid 2 lyk go on DIET olreadi!! seriousli!! i am gaining weight lyk nobodi business ah!! no wae i must slim back down!! *AhHhH!!* help mi pple help mi!! =p oo ya e drink dere was realli HUGE a glass manx!! n i mean HUGE!! that went e drink arrive mi n joanna eyes were sho WIDEEEEEE open manx!! *WOW!!* it ish lyk that wow reaction!! haa!!

aniwae realli njoy mi dae 2dae n hope taht dere will b more often such daes!! hehex!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~