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~*A wEdDiNg DiNnEr DaE!!*~

Saturday, December 17, 2005 @ 9:08 AM | 0 comments

ah huh!! that dae i attended a wedding dinner which ish actalli my boi cousin wedding dinner i guess!! haa!! gosh i dunch even knw!! aniwae it was e 1st tyme i attended A wedding dinner held at FULLERTON hotel kae?? it was kinda grand coz it was a 6 star hotel sho we had 2 wear fformal wear 2 e hotel!! as i seldom attend such wedding dinner i do norte haf such formal wear n had 2 borrow!! in e end my boi mum lend it to mi!! it was a black gown wif a red colour rose bronch on e side!! e dress was beautiful!! haa!!

it was e 1st tyme i feel sho lyk a PRINCESS!! haa!! hmmm...realli gorgeous i mean!! *WhEe!!* haa!! aniwae i miss that dae!! realli beri njoyable n fun!! but i kan sae it was a tiring dae coz mi n my boi did norte sleep e whole dae manx!! *GoOdNeSs GrAcIoUs!!* haa!! in e end it ended lyk sho damn let that i miss e last bus 2 go hm n had no choice but 2 sleep at his hse though i was afraid that his dad n auntie was unhappi yeahx??

aniwae it was fun!! haa!!

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