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Monday, February 13, 2006 @ 4:48 PM | 0 comments

FINALLI!! i am back wif mi blogging again!! wahahaz!! guess its quite a long tyme eva since i last blog coz i was busi working!! now that i am no longer working i guess i kan start blogging again!! hehex!! hmmm...working tis few mths away eva since after o's, i realise working life ish norte sumtingy easi as warte i tynk when i am studing!! at least when ur studing u kan lyk go out on a wkend or even when ur tired u kan sleep in klazz!! BUt......when ur working!! nth lyk that kan happen!! especially when ur a full tymer!! wkend kennot take off, ur off dae u will feel sho tired that u wanna sleep onli dunch even haf e mood 2 go outta lahx!! wahahaz!! when ur tired u must ren 2 stay awake manx!! *GoSh!!*

now that i am norte working coz of e farking boss!! i tynk i kan sleep much longer n relac even more!! hehez!! seriousli i tynk wif tha kinda atttidute that she ish having, i tynk she has no rytes 2 even b e in charge lahx!! she ish sho lazi, everytingy she take outta she dunch knw how 2 put dem back properli, den when she count pae olso will make mistakes warte rubbish ish tis!! styl nid her employee 2 correct her mistakes!! *DaMn It!!* whu wanna work 4 her lyk that!! aniwae i dunch mynd norte working 4 her coz she ish e 1 at lose norte mi yeahx?? warteva lahx!!

aiya!! use 2 it kan liaox lahxz!! aniwae whereva u go n work olso will b e same wanna!! ish olso c how lucki u r that's all yeahx?? as in 2 mit e kinda pple u r working wif yarhx?? aniwae now that i am free!! i gotta all e tyme 2 relac i will take tis tyme 2 relac first!! wahahaz!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~