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~*CaN sUm1 TeLl Mi HoW 2 WiN a PeRsOn TrUsT bAcK??*~

Saturday, February 18, 2006 @ 12:02 AM | 0 comments

2dae went leather 2 fynd na na!! infact it was kinda late when i reach dere yeahx?? thanki god i didn't lyk until dey kloze!! wahahaz!! jean brother came down wif all e stock sho i had 2 left dere a little while sho that na n wei qi kan do all e stocking in!! as usual i didn't knw warte 2 do sho i went over 2 cold wear n sae hi 2 e malaysian galx dere!! didn't knw i neber work dere alorte of pple styl ask abt mi!! wahahaz!! sho touch!! *ThAnKi PeEpS!!* hehez!!

after saeing hiz 2 her n chat a little i went down 2 ebase n guess warte i saw?? *GREAT SALE!!* n that ish mi code *CHIONG AH!!!* Damn it sounded sho auntie!! wahahaz!! warteva!! okie back 2 e stori!! went 2 ebase n i saw tis shirt that ish sho nice!! *WhEe!!* moreover ish e kinda pattern i lyk!! usual price was 42 BUCKS but now its onli 10 sho i bought it!! after that went back 2 leather n na told mi that bird wanna eat pasta mania sho she ish cuming down!! aniwae she haf gotta send na home 2!! wahahaz!!

when we reach pasta mania dere was a black outta n we haf gotta wait 4 awhile b4 oredering our food!! n i FINALLY gotta eat mi long 2 wait BAKE RICE!! *WhEe!!* n it was a treat frm bird!! heex!! thanki manx!! *YuM yUm!!* hehex!! after eating gorte back 2 boi hse!! waited 4 him downstair while i sit bside e usual chair i sit 2 wait 4 him den came ismail n another 2 guys!! we onli knodge our head that n i waited 4 boi!! den when he was on his wae he kal mi 2 ask whyee i am sitting wif those malay guys instead of sitting sumwhere else!! i didn't meant 2 sat dere olso ish just that i sat dere 1st n dey came by whyee wun he belief mi?? i understand lahx kennot blame him!! coz i lie 2 him b4 sho its hard 2 trust a person when he or she lied b4 even no matta how mani tymes or warte e person do 2 repent himself or herself!! guess ish just mi whu ask 4 all tis!! norte him 2 b blame!! *SaDiStIc!!* but i wasn't realli sitting dere 2 tok 2 dem or anitingy coz i knw boi dunch lyk!! that all i kan sae dere nth else i haf 2 sae yeahx?? even he ask mi 4 lighter i just lend he sae thanki i olso neber even repli just knodge mi head n lyk totalli gif that kant b bothered face but......

all i sae ish up 2 him 2 belief it anorte!! he dunch belief i olso nth 2 sae!! lyk i sae u kennot expect e person whom u lie 2 2 trust u again all u kan do ish try ur bestie 2 win back e trust that all!! other den that dere ish nth else i kan do!! *DePrEsSeD!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~