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~*HaPpI V dAe!!*~

Thursday, February 16, 2006 @ 2:08 AM | 0 comments

Wahahaz!! i am late at blogging again!! coz ystd was v dae sho i am outta n was back kinda late sho sumhow lazi 2 blog in!! aniwae i went outta 2 MS(marina square) 2 dine wif mi boi!! as we walk arnd lotsa galx was holding roses!! almost every galx i kan sae!! but looking here n dere, all seems 2 b e same kinda roses!! as 4 mi, though i did norte recieve a bouquet of roses but i gorte e 1 stalk which i tynk ish unique n special!! coz its personalli handmade n i LURVE e little white pearls that form a heart shape!! *WhEe!!* most inportantli, it was a gift frm him!! hehex!! *tHaNkI bAbi!!* i knw u will read mi blog sho i write tis specialli 2 u!! hehex!!

After that we thot of goin down 2 princess 2 catch a movie but we were late 4 e movie sho we end up in e arcade playing digital D ah!! hahaz!! actualli it is initail d!! wahahaz!! OoPs!! sorri if u pple reading tis dunch understand yeahx?? but that ish OUR language!! hehex!!

As 4 2dae, i woke up kinda late sho all i could do was rush all e wae down 2 Leather ark 2 fynd mi kakis n chit chat wif dem!! after work we went 2 e coffee shop 2 eat even dere we 2 could laugh lyk MAD galx!! wahahaz!! as though e whole Coffee shop ish OURS!! lolx!! we were simply toking abt perverting guys n sho yeahx?? couldn't stand those kinda man u knw!! realli feel lyk giving their ASS a BIG WACK onli!! dunch gid chance gif dem 1 rabag wanna!! wahahaz!! Gosh i sounded sho evil!! but dey real deserve it u knw!! wahahaz!! aniwae whu cares abt dem dey r just irritating pest!! *BlEaHx!!*

n now i am sitting infront of e pc blogging lyk an gong gong!! wahahaz!! actualli i olso dunch knw warte i am typing in e last section!! *DuMbO!!* hehex!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~