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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 @ 10:26 PM | 0 comments

Hmmm...guess warte i heard 2dae when i just woke up?? i recieved a kal frm jacinth telling mi that wei qi ish goin 2 get sack!! *GoSh!!* its sad 2 hear that manx!! i mean though she ish bad in sumwae but she styl has her good points indeed!! i mean whyee people kennot gif e weak an xtra chance 2 try change tingy arnd!! izzzit sho diificult 2 do sho?? *CoNfUsEd!!* e other tingy partli ish wei qi fault ish that she alwaes let jean c until her weak points that whyee sheena couln't cover up 4 her as well!! *PoOr TiNgY!!* she olso dunch knw how 2 help herself cover up when sheena helps her!! aiyo realli no comments ah!! *wei qi ah wei qi!!*

but warte i heard abt jean saeing ish olso true!! i mean whyee would she wanna hire a person whu kennot work 4 her n get paid 4 nth or rather hired a galx whu kan work 4 her ryte?? at least that galx get paid 4 a worthy reason!! moreover wei qi sort called bully e wrong person when she was in e parco outlets that whyee totalli nth kan help her now yeahx?? coz she kinda offfended e da jie da at parco manx!! olreadi sae ish da jie da sho no 1 kan climb over her!!

Oh No wei qi!! i tynk u realli nid 2 sit down n reflects e tingy u do n alwaes admit ur mistakes sho that u will learn frm it yeahx?? dunch alwaes use others name 2 stnad on u alwaes yarhx?? aniwae frm tis i kan tell that people must alwaes admit 1 mistakes sho that u will learn frm it yarhx?? hehex!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~