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~*ScArYeSt MoMeNt!!*~

Friday, February 24, 2006 @ 11:53 PM | 0 comments

it was a baddi baddi dae 2dae yeahx?? had a tiff wif bf earli in e morning den after sick summore!! *DaMn!!* i had breathing difficulity 4 lyk 3daes lreadi but i thot it was nth until 2dae when i couldn't take it olreadi!! realli hard 2 breathe yeahx?? decided 2 c a doc in e afternoon!! reach grands i had a little snacks 1st as i was real hungri den when 2 e doc!! luckili when i reached e doctor dere were no pple at e clinic sho i was next straight away!! but i styl waited kinda long b4 i went in 2 c e doctor!!

the doctor told mi i had a baddi red colour throat n worst off all mi lungs were TIGHT n i had wheezing sound!! he said luckili i came in tyme otherwise if mi lungs get TIGHTER, i will DIE!! coz i haf ASTHAMA!! which ish quite dangerous!! sho i had no choice but 2 use the stabulizer at e clinic 2 open up e airwaes yeahx?? thanki god i am feelings much betta now though but i styl feel a little weak n mi hands r styl trembling even though i am able 2 blog now!! haa!! hmmm...came back hm gorte a BIG BIG scolding 4 falling sick n wasting money coz mi grandparents r paeing n all!! *SoRrI!!* i didn't mean 2 fall sick 2!! mayb just that mi bodi 2 weak!! but at least show mi sum concern lahx people!! *GoSh!!*~

that ish warte a sickli person nid 3 most manx!! norte scolding or agitation frm u guys OKIE!! *ArGh!!* sho pissed!! but i olso wanna thanki grands 4 cuming outta e medical fee 4 mi!! i realli dunch knw warte 2 do without u both!! i tynk i would haf been gone by now!! i knw u both r alwaes dere 4 mi when i am sick n when i nid help!! *ThAnKi!!* that whyee u both r e MOST MOST IMPORTANT person 2 mi den ani1 else on earth manx!! just anione!! *LuRvEs!!* realli wanna pae back warte i kan 4 u guys if i kan yeahx?? now i styl dunch haf e ability but i will try mi bestie okie!! i wun NEGLECT u both, i kan NEGLECt other but norte both of u guys!! once again tahnki sho sho much 4 everytingy!! *MuAcKzZz!!*

~*3 cheers 4 grands!!*~ *hip hip hooray!!* *hip hip hooray!!* n *hip hip hooray!!* hehex!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~