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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 @ 4:49 AM | 0 comments

2dae i was suppose 2 mit farhanah but in e end neber!! sho i went down 2 wisma n fynd yen ching!! pei her go eat den tok tok awhile b4 she go back 2 work!! she told mi that when her bf went in ns dey realli drift apart alorte but he neber fail 2 call her every nyte n as long he book outta he will take that tyme 2 pei her!! that sho sweet yeahx?? summore tis ish her 1st bf kae?? den dey olreadi 1 yr plus olreadi!! she olso told mi that when a guy ish in ns he will tend 2 worri that his gf will leave him 4 another guy!! as she as go thru tis wif her bf b4 but she sae no matta warte, tis ish oneslef how both couple maintain tis relationship yeahx?? n i tynk that ish true yeahx?? sho olso sae as much tyme a galx kan pei her bf wen he book outta pei him n that goes 4 e guys as well!! sho galx if ur bf ish goin ns make sure u both spend e tyme he book outta 2gether kae?? heex!!

infact i lyk toking 2 her coz she alwaes shares her experience wif mi yeapx?? i lurve being e listening ear most of e tyme!! heex!! after she went back 2 work i went 2 fynd joanna n pei her eat 2!! aiyo whyee i lyk kip on peing pple when dey eat ah!! wahahaz!! den after she eat fynsh i go fnd na na at parco coz she working dere wif mich 2dae!! that poor galx darling olso went in cisco 4 abt 7 wks den she wun realli haf e tme 2 mit him coz she olso working when he book outta!! guess she ish realli gonna miss him lotsa n lotsa!! darlingx galx i knw ho w u feel yeahx?? guess i am goin 2 b e next 1 2 haf that kinda feeling!! kinda scare actualli but no choice haf 2 go thru it e!! heex!!

we sat down 2 tok tok alorte as she had 2 go off earli sho arnd 10 plus i left n head 4 hm!! n now i am blogging in!! heex!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~