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Monday, March 06, 2006 @ 12:26 AM | 0 comments

i knw its been a long long tyme eva since i last blog yuppiez!! that's coz i haf norte been checking mi friendster account n msn account 4 a long long tyme sho i neber use 2 net!! n therefore i neber blog 2!! but now i blog coz i tynk i nid 2 yeahx?? i am realli stress!! stress till i am goin crazi!! i dunch understand warte pple r tynking lyk i alwaes sae..."humans r complicated things on earth!!"

i dunch knw warte ish e reasons that mi famili members r starting 2 neglect mi infact dey r norte lyk that in e past!! dey use 2 care alorte abt mi studies n help mi in everytingy but now dey seems 2 b lyk that kinda kant b bothered attidute!! i am now more lyk a outsider 2 dem den thier famili!! that makes mi realli stress moreover norte being able 2 studi private n having 2 retake o's make mi stress 2!! i am realli cracking mi brain tynking n tynking warte 2 do!! wanna work kennot work far places must fynd job near near!! tell mi how??? HOW?? *DaMn!!* i dunch knw warte mi life haf turn into!!

it ish e most difficult tymes 4 mi goin thru all tis totalli no different frm suffering depression!! evertdae 24 hrs non-stop tynking n tynking warte 2 do whyee lyk that!! how 2 solve all mi problems!! no rest of mynd at all okie?? sumone kan tell mi warte 2 do how 2 solve mi problems?? i dunch wanna go thru tis kinda tingy animore!! i dunch wanna b NEGLECTED!! i hate e feeling of being UNWANTED!! "I DUNCH WANNA!! DUNCH WANNA!!" *SaDiStIc!!*
if onli i am sumone whu ish having a happi go lucky life den that ish sho sho gddi!! hoping 4 that dae 2 cum!! free frm all worries, sadness, stress n everytingy!! moreover being able 2 feel e love, care, concern n all e gddi tingy that ish e BESTEST!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~