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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 @ 12:22 AM | 0 comments

wah!! recentli eva since i started lesson i haf been sho busi swiming n having lesson as well!! *GoSh!!* that mi morale!! having 2 kip fit n must b able 2 get enuff rest lyk that den wun fall ill sho easili!! i wun wanna miss ani lesson yeahx?? dunch wanna waste mi parents money yuppiex!! hehex!! aniwae lesson was quite or kan sae rather okie coz e place is air conditional n all!! heex!! e pple der quite friendli 2!! sho wun feel bored!!

2dae went swimming wif yu 2gether!! she damn farni sialx!! go swimming dunch wanna make up 2 drop!! haa!! interesting person ah!! wahahaz!! she n mi 4eva full n fill wif carps n craps!! *WhEe!!* luckili after we swim it sort of start 2 rain yuppiex!! thanki goodness i managed 2 swim 2dae!! heex!! lurve swimming n tanning!! it simpli just rawk!! wahahaz

gorte hm frm lesson beri slack coz i am sho tired!! but coz i haf norte been blogging it sho i decided 2 blog in yeahx?? heex!! Aniwae, i wanna wish a person happi burfdae n that ish NINA!! *HaPpI BuRfDaE sAyAnG!!* hope u njoy urself 2dae!! heex!!

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