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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 @ 4:00 AM | 0 comments

~*Posting for 11 march 2006!!*~
As i was free on tis dae i haben met up wif val 4 a long long tyme, sho i went 2 fynd her at her work place 2dae!! heex!! Wah i tell u guys ah!! her working place ish sho sho damn HOT okie!! i kept perspiring that mi make up all goin 2 last drop off olreadi ah!! haa!! Aiyo hw u kan work in that kinda enviroment galx?? hehez!! mayb perhaps she kan!! that whyee she ish working dere yeapx?? heex!! hmmm...aniwae e environment ish norte important yarhx?? warte most important ish i gotta c her!! coz i miss her sho sho much!! heex!! i tell u when we 1st saw each other, we were lyk so so happi!! natural 4 galx lahx ah!! wahahaz!! we kept toking n laughing non stop!! kept saeing abt our childhood tyme!! *CoOlEsT dAeS eVa BaCk DeN!!* hehex!!

after her work, we went over 2 downtown east!! slack dere taking picx wif her new hp n play arcade!! guess warte game we play?? its........DAYTONA!! *WhEe!!* mi faviurite favourite game okie!! coz i alwaes get 1st in that game 4 beginner track!! wahahaz!! i gorte SKILL n TATICS warte!! *BlEaHx!!* dunch jealous ah pple!! wahahaz!! we play quite alorte of round!! den after that when we goin off frm e arcade i notice tis malay galx starring at mi wif a bunch of malay guys!! at that tyme i thot 2 miself izzit dey wanna fynd problem wif mi?? coz dey look sho sho fierece ah!! b4 tynk sho much i ask val whether it was her ite fwens but she sae NO!! at that tyme i told miself oh oooooo!!! wahahaz!!

*GoSh!!* sho dramatic!! aniwae after i walk away frm that area n came back 2 that area again, i notice dem sitting outside e arcade den all of a SUDDEN!! 1 of e malay galx smile at mi!! SMILE okie?? i was lyk totalli puzzle!! den i stare n look carefully n i notice it was actualli FARHANAH!! wahahaz!! 1 of mi sayang!! wahahaz!! she change sho much that i couldnt recognize her!! moreover she was without spects but contacts!! she olso told mi she couldn't recognize mi coz i change sho much but as she look closer 2 roughli thot it was mi sho she smile at mi!! wahahaz!! warte a coincidence!! e world ish sho small!! NO NO!! ish norte e WORLD!! ish SINGAPORE!! LOLX!! but i was realli happi that i saw her 2 coz i miss her as well!!

hey galx if gorte tyme must go outta kae?? wif fiza 2!! heex!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~