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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 @ 4:24 AM | 0 comments

~*Posting for 12 march 2006!!*~
2dae had 2 follow mi mummi 2 PS(plaza singapura) coz she won a sms contest 4 e luucki draw under sum citigems tingy!! she was 1 of e lucki 100 winners 2 b invited 2 citigems burfdae annivasary yeahx?? sho she wanted mi n mi bro 2 go along wif her!! sho i was okie wif that yeahx?? aniwae it has been a long long tyme eva since we 3 went outta yuppiex?? heex!! sho we left arnd 1 plus n was almost late 4 e event but we were norte fortunateli!! wahahaz!!

when we reach dere, dey had 2 check mi mum particulars n after that dey ask her 2 choose a key 4 e lucki draw lata!! dere were onli 100 keys available yeahx?? in e event dey interiew e actress joanne peh as she was e ambassador 4 citigems!! hmmm...actualli 2 mi i tynk e wae she tok during e interview lyk beri typical singaporean yeahx?? wif e LAH n LORX in e ending of her sentence yeahx?? n melody was e mc 4 that dae!! after e interviewing dere was e autograph n fototaking session wif joanne peh!! onli 20 lucki pple whu ruse near e stair manage 2 haf it!! i wanted 2 go BUT......i was wearing HIGH HEELS lata fall down pai seh sialx!! sho 2 save e embarrassment i rather norte rush 4 e 20 places!! wahahaz!! must act coolz!! wahahaz!! after that session it was a fashion show n all e 4 model was lyk......OMG!! sho BEAUTIFUL n ELEGENT!! realli make mi miss those daes when i was in modelling yeahx?? though it ish tiring but it was fun n njoyable!! hehez!!

den after the modelling tingy, melody annouce that dere were xtra keys 2 b given outta 4 e lucki draw as sum of e pple neber turn up!! sho the pple working dere gaf outta e xtra key n mi mum mange 2 get another key 4 mi!! *WhEe!!* *thanki mummi!!* ooooo i miss outta 1 part!! i saw tis galx i mean SMALL little AH LIAN!! typical kinda AH LIAN!! that tyme of mani piercing den where PURE MILK shirt!! *GoSh!!* wanna faint olreadi!! realli lyk those kinda act lain bui lian that tpe of galx u knw!! she HIT mi den neber sae SORRI styl DIAO mi!! wah!! i was sho fcuking hot that i diao her back n purposeli infront of her mum criticise her rabug wanna!! sae she sho ah lian n no dress sense that kinda tingy!! i knw i was mean but it was norte on purpose just co zi was angri that all!! summore she walk lyk........Aiyo dunch knw warte 2 sae ah!! habe grow up lahx she!! okie back 2 topic!!

sho mi n mummi line up 2 wait 4 our turn 2 open e 6 boxes close wif a lock!! n in each box gorte 5 envelop containing a vocher 2 get a free benetto pendant worth 300 plus bucks!! onli 30 lucki winners outta of e 100 kan get!! as our turn gorte nearer, e lady infront of us manage 2 open e box, den it was mi turn n den mummi turn sho all 3 of us gorte it!! *WOW!!* i was lyk sho damn happi!! *HoOrAy!!* sho when i was up on stage manage 2 get melody signature 2!! hehez!! sho happi!! it was a great dae aniwae!! hehex!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~