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Friday, March 10, 2006 @ 1:02 AM | 0 comments

i dunch realli knw warte ish actualli wrong wif mi tis few daes yuppiez?? that kinda scary n weird feeling i use 2 haf ish back again yarhx?? n i do norte wanna history 2 repaet itself again!! dunch wanna tynk abt it!! tynking of it makes mi scare!! *TrEmBlIng!!* hmmm...i haf norte been spending much tyme wif him this few daes or izzit more den just tis wk?? i kant rmb!! coz he haf been busi wif his own stuffy as well n sho am i!!

lotsa planning n tynking of warte 2 do n preparing 4 sum courses!! making mi realli beri stress up n tense up wif everytingy yuppiez?? *GoSh!!* his ns daes r cuming near n i realli hope 2 spend of mi tyme wif him n i hopes he wanna spend most of his tyme wif but if he rather spend most of his tyme wif his bike den i olso kennot do anitingy yarhx?? as long he ish happi kan olreadi!! coz ish his life yarhx?? he has his own lifestyle n i haf mine!!

sho i olso dunch wanna go interfer wif his lifestyle!! warte he lyks 2 do den he do i haf no sae yarhx?? =x lyk i sae as long he ish happi den i am happi yarhx?? coz i dunch wanna him 2 b unhappi as well!! but warteva izzit if u realli gorte ani problem tell mi kan?? dunch kip it 2 urself , just shared it wif mi n i will try mi bestie 2 help u if i kan kae?? kip that in mynd!! *PeAcEx!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~