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~*AgAiN aNoThEr DaE!!*~

Saturday, April 29, 2006 @ 5:08 AM | 0 comments

hmmm...went outta again wif yu coz she ish lyk mi full tyme buddi now!! hahaz!! told her tis farn tingy abt mi goin swimming n a life guard ask mi 4 hp number!! *GOD DAMN IT!!* he ish lyk a old uncle 2 mi?? warte e hell!! i totalli reject him obviousli i wounldnt gif him mi number manx!! *GoSh!!* gonna faint straight manx!! now i am starting 2 haf phobia goin dere 2 swim!! *HeLp Mi!!* he even tell mi he ish flying off 4 LA on sat!! *WTH!!* hey hello dere!! whu cares whether ur leaving 4 LA n when!! i dunch bloody hell gif a damn!! *EeKsS!!* tynk of it simply makes mi fell lyk puking!! when yu heard abt it norte onli did she laugh, she even had e same reaction as mi!! *DiGuStEd!!* haaz!!

happen 2 saw hairil n other 2 of his fwen at town n were lyk hiz n bye!! hahaz!! kinda weird coz usualli we tok alorte alorte!! but 1 of his fwen olso happen 2 ride wif dem farni lahx!! acted dumb infront of us!! haaz!! n yu said he was cutiex!! as 4 mi.....no comments coz i onli haf 1 person in mi heart n i am waiting 4 that person!! nth ish gonna change mi MIND n PESPECTIVE!! *NO NO NO!!*

after that coz we were bored at town n hairil kal sho we went back marine parade 2 mit dem!! den saw naseer, naseer bro, 1 of mi senior, n fahrid!! den naseer bro sae he wanted 2 knw yu!! as usual!! haaz!! but i rather she ish wif sebas manx!! haaz!! OoO...i almost 4gorte!! *CoNgRaTs 2 NaSeEr!!* he gorte his license olreadi n gorte a motor!! but hope he wun gif up riding his bicyle coz i styl want east side 2 haf bmx riders yeahx?? hehexx!! aniwae suppose 2 mit dotcom n manaf but coz dotcom ended work late sho it was cancel!! dere i go end up studing at ecp mac wif yu again!! wahahaz!! *CoolX!!*

*Simply misses e guy in her life loads n loads!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ *(Here i go, scream my lungs out n try to get to you!! you are my only one!! I let go, that is just no 1 who gets mi lyk u do!! you are my only, my only one!! )*