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~*AnSwEr A QuEsTiOn AbT iNsUlTiNg N aBt e OutInG YsTd WiF mI BaBiEz!!*~

Monday, May 01, 2006 @ 7:28 AM | 0 comments

basically norte every1 insult sum1 just 2 join in e crowd or mix wif e crowd! yuppiex?? perhaps ish could b becoz that warte e person feels abt e another parti!! or perhaps e person HATES n person he or she ish insulting!! as 4 mi, i do norte realli humiliate or insult people due 2 hatred or anitingy, i insult dem coz that ish warte i feel yupx?? but i dunch tynk i am up 2 e standard 2 insult others sho seldom will i insult others!! i treat every1 as mi fwens, as long as she just tok 2 mi, i dunch mynd being fwens wif that person at all!! mayb mi blog may seems 2 indirectly b insulting that person but i mean nth at all!! if 1 dae that person just happen 2 cum over 2 mi n start toking 2 mi, i will b happi 2 knw that person as a fwen no matta warte!! *RaThEr HaF aNoThEr FwEn DeN aNoThEr EnEmY!!* that ish mi mentallity all along yeahx?? *SmIlEz!!*

if she tynks that i HATE her coz of sumtingy i kan sae i dunch HATE her at all!! infact i am glad if we kan knw one another den 2 stay as stranger all e while yeahx?? it will b mi great pleasure 2 knw that person as a fwen yupx?? no matta warte e misunderstanding may haf 2 stop sumwhere i guess sho!!

aniwae just gorte hm frm bedok area wif yu, elieen n wei sheng!! went rounding in a lorry wif dem n another 2 fwens!! went OCH n THE RED HOUSE!! *GoSh!!* its e 1st tyme i sit a lorry n thier fwen drive sho damn fast!! but it was real fun n exciting aniwae!! heex!! b4 that i went outta wif e leather ark buddies!! we went 2 eat laksa n after that 2 play boardgames!! haf lotsa fun as usual but tis tyme round we haf a new comer n she ish kal SAMANTHA!! *WeLcUm DeArIe GaLx!!* hehex!! hope u did haf fun 2dae yeapx?? aniwae poor bird she ish sick 2dae sho her mood was rather down!! *GeT WeLl SoOn BuDdI!!* while playing, as usual all e jokes came outta again!! haaz!! all e laughther, the craze n everytingy started again!! hahaz!! *HAHAHAHAHA!!* after leaving e place, on e wae back 2 parkwae, we took picx wif sam digi camera!! *SaM u SiMpLy RaWkS!!* haaz!! thanki 4 e digi cam manx!! haaz!! *HeArTs!!*

aniwae njoy miself loads n loads 2dae!! hope e next outing will b as soon again yuppiex?? *MiSsEs!!* aniwae heard he kan book outta 2dae coz its labour dae but probabli he will b riding 2dae yeapx?? his burfdae ish round e corner as well n i hope 2 celebrate wif him but i norte sure he wants 2!! hope he will want!! *MiSsEs HiM!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*But baby here i am, banging on your front door, my pride spill on the floor!! My hands n knees are bruise, n now i am crawling back to you!! Begging for a second chance, are you going to let mi in!! i was running from the truth, n now i am crawling back to u!!*)

~*e picx we took 2dae wif sam digi cam yuppiex??*~ *HeHeX!!*

*SaMaNtHa, RyLi, JaCiNtH, ShEeNa!!* ~*HeArTs 2 DeM!!*~

~*RyLi N jAcInTh!!*~ *LuRvEs!!*