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~*DoWn DaE!!*~

Thursday, April 27, 2006 @ 9:38 AM | 0 comments

called mi dearest galx just now 2 tell her warte i saw n how i was feeling!! poor her alwaes hearing mi complain tyme n tyme again!! *ThAnKi!!* i thot e words n tingy i saw didnt hurt mi but i was wrong, wrong 2 tynk that wae!! coz when i told her abt it, i actualli inda drop tears!! tears started rolling down mi cheeks!! i didnt mean 2 b 2 EMO but it did hurt mi alorte 2 knw that i dunch seem important 2 that person yuppiex?? when that person actualli meant alorte 2 mi!! *SoBx...SoBx!!*

i am seriousli hurting on e inside though i look okie on e outside!! i just dunch wanna others 2 lyk no warte i am feeling actualli!! i rather stay that wae!! eventualli on m dearest galx knw warte i am feeling coz she has been dere 4 mi 4 tis whole tyme even though at a period of tyme i neglected her!! she wasnt even unhappi neither did she complain abt it!! sho glad she understand!! *LuRvES!!*

daes n daes gone by i realli wanna knw warte am i suppose 2 do n warte am i 2 do!! feeling lost n hopeless!! *PaInFuL!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (u shld let mi lurve u, let mi b e 1 to gif u everything u hope n nid!! mayb good lurve n protection, make mi ur selection!! show u e wae lurve suppose 2 b!! babi u shld let mi lurve u, lurve u , lurve u!!)