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Saturday, April 22, 2006 @ 7:27 AM | 0 comments

ItS FRIDAE!! that whyee i am miting mi 2 precious babi in mi life 2 go outta yuppiex?? though e other 1 had 2 work, she ish alwaes in our heart yeahx?? n that ish NINA!! *WhEe!!* miss ya loads okie galx!! eva since u work ur lyk no tyme 2 go outta wif us at all manx!! ish working sho busi?? *GoSh!!* looking 4 e daes we 4 could all go outta 2gether manx!! last tyme ish coz we alwaes go bowl but now.....NO LONGER!! sho sadistic manx!! actualli i miss that place alorte n e memories we used 2 had dere yeahx?? hehex!!

aniwae went outta 2dae 2 peninsula as yu wanna c boots yuppiex?? sho accompani her n after that naqiah tag along!! once she cum onli.......HAHAHAZ!! ahbes!! coz we will just lagh n tok non-stop n i mean NON-STOP!! heex!! we laugh, joke, craze n almost everytingy!! njoy goin outta wif dem yarhx?? den we accompani her 2 fynd FARHAN!! at bowl as usual yarhx?? actualli i styl tynk dey just suit 4 each other!! coz dey r both small little CUTIEZ PIEX!! *SHO SWEETX!!* *SwEeTiEx!!* hope dey gets back 2gether!!

after that saw blue eyes at bedok arcade chat a little while n we went off 2 catch e last bus!! after that when ECP 2 studi!! olmost e whole dae outta yarhx?? warte a busi galx am i!! wahahaz!! actualli norte busi lahx!! wahahz!! aniwae i miss all of u loads!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~