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Friday, April 14, 2006 @ 8:06 AM | 0 comments

*WOW!!* Sho earli in e morning n here i am blogging in!! coolz ryte?? wahahaz!! actualli just gotta home norte long frm a movie at town wif fish, hui xian, ying ying, ting ying n ting ying boi yuppiex?? watch e movie title recarnation!! surprisingli it was a horror movie!! n sho happen it was mi FAVOURITE!! *WhEe!!* as usual, during e movie dere r scary parts but i am just that kinda no expression or reaction person!!haaz!! simply coz i am norte SCARE!! wahahaz!! gorte injuried by xiao yu again when she gorte scared!! 2dae she was more violent den e past horror movie that she olso injured mi!! tis tyme she gorte shock in 1 of e part n her nails scratch mi back wif her LONG LONG nails!! *ShItTi!!* hey galx its PAINFUL u knw!! *OuCh!!* haax!! thanki god i am used 2 it ah!! otherwise i will kill u!! *BlEaHx!!* aniwae its just another korean kinda movie yuppiex?? heex!! nth interesting!! *HeHeX!!* ~*EvIlIsH SmIlEx!!*~

aniwae i just happen 2 saw sumtingy i tynk i should norte c at all coz it kinda pierce mi heart!! but it was just 2 bad that i saw it!! moreover it was dedicated specialli 4 that sumone!! *DaMn!!* wassup wif that manx!! *ArGh!!* tynking of that makes mi piss off n i mean PISSED!! how i wish i haf norte seen it at all manx!! *HATE IT HATE IT!!* now i am fill wif anger!! aniwae i am trying hard norte 2 tynk of it!! coz i dunch wish 2 get piss off!! *cHeErS RyLi!!* =p

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~