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Sunday, April 23, 2006 @ 8:16 AM | 0 comments

Ish ani1 outta dere able 2 help mi?? i am goin INSANE, CRAZI almost all e feelings starts gushing 2wards mi again!! whyee?? warte's happening?? wheneva i hear sad songs i will just becum blur that whoever toks 2 mi i will lyk just go *Ah!! Warte did u sae??* i am norte paeing full attention at all manx!! *GoSh!!* i will just start tynking almost evertingy yeahx?? i am becuming EMO!! some1 save mi manx!!

was outta wif all e bedok riders at bedok whole tyme, cycling 2 half pipe, seng shong den back 2 bedok inter yuppiex?? poor jamal had 2 tongpang mi round n round ah!! aniwae.....*ThAnKi JaMaL!!* heex!! btw all off dem r just 1 fun bunch off pple u shld hang outta wif coz dey r all full of craps yuppiex?? e funniest tingy that happen was that sad actualli fall full strength when he try manualli down e stairs n norte noticing e puddle of water, he skid!! den he bang onto a small tree!! i knw its painful coz he moan in pain!! *PoOr TiNgY!!* hope ur okie!! der ish olso an ATTENTION SEEKER in that group that try his bestie 2 step as a PRO or kan sae WANNABE PRO lahx ah!! *EeKsS!!* he simply fail 2 reach that standard!! *OoPsS!!* i sounded sho evilish manx!!

wassup wif everybodi at bowl n e fwenx arnd mi?? whyee dey all kept saeing e same tingy 2 mi?? sae i look lyk sum1, has e same character as sum1!! OoOoO....manx!! izzit true?? i tynk i am getting e sickness yuppiex?? heex!! but i tynk its true that i am having tha happy go lucki character outside n e painful n hurting mi on e inside, fill wif trouble!! *SaDiStIc!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~

*When u left, i lost a part of mi!! is still sho hard 2 belief?? cum back cum back babi plz cum!! we belong 2gether!! Who's gonna leave when no 1 tyme gets up, who's gonna tok 2 mi till e sum cums out, who gonna take ur place when dere ish nobodi dere?? O babi babi, we belong 2gether!! *

~*E aDoRaBlE n FaRnIeSt EaStSiDe RiDeRs PoTrIaT!!*~ (OrIgInAl!!)*

~*PrEsEnTiNg E pEePs!!*~

*HaSbI, IsEr, SaDrI n JaMaL!!*
*ShOrTy FaRhAn, MaMaT, MaNaF n DiDi!!*

~*PrEsEnTiNg E nExT bUnCh Of NeW n OlD eAsTsIdE rIdErS!!*~
*SaDrI, HaSbI, JaMaL, WaN, SeBaS(standing), MaMaT, sHoRtY fArHaN, AdAm N LuKe!!*

~*E fArNiEsT n CuTiEz EaStSiDe RiDeRs!!*~ (EdItEd!!)