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~*BaCk 2 BlOgGiNg!!*~

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 @ 8:09 AM | 0 comments

Yeapx i am back 2 blogging again uh!! hehex!! i didnt blog 4 we last 2 daes was coz i was at sarah hse staying overnyte dere yeapx?? e 1st dae of staying over was great n it was coz i went down yew tee 2 fynd her sho i had 2 stay over coz i miss e last train practically!! hehex!! den he bro came down wif his gal 2 join us at e coffee shop downstairs!! luckili dere was dem 2 accompani us n tell us jokes otherwise i guess will b kinda rotting at e kopitiam but after all we did njoy ourselves!! ryte sarahann?? hehex!! den e next dae when we woke up, it was raining pretty heavili that we end up at boon lay(jurong point) wif ryan n john!! walking arnd n chilling yeahx?? but mi n sarah was down wif a bad FLU that cause our face 2 look chat chat lahx!! poor us!! *DaMn!!* but all thanki 2 john n his fwen cats joke!! hahaz!! dere goes mi n sarah laughing till we both tears!! wahahaz!! its damn farni lahx kan?? hehex!! especialli when john shows his impression when he tells us e stori!! hehex!! he realli kan act well u knw?? *BlEaHx!!* hehex!!

after all e laughing , we went off by last train n end up eating at e coffee shop while waiting 4 sarah's bro again!! when he bro cum he olso said that our face looks terrible sho we all end up goin off earli n i head back 2 sarah hse again 2 stay!! her mum's cooking was GREAT!! super DELICIOUS lahx!! *YuM yUm!!* we slept 4 lyk a total of 12-14 hrs ystd!! hahaz!! den i was woken up by xiao yu kal asking mi abt my BLOG!! coz it was thanki 2 her damn KLOZE fwen whu tynks that i said she was e GANGSTEROUS fwens of xiao yu i was refering 2 in mi previous entry when inface i was norte even refering 2 her but 2 WEI SHENG!! eh kan u plz read tingy n clarify stuffy properly before anihow pin pointing at pple?? make until mi n xiao yu almost lyk quarrel over tis kinda matta?? er...its lyk warteva lahx ah!! i tynk xiao yu knws more den u do sho if possible just shhh.....yarhx?? i will indeed appreciate that doing yuppiex?? *GoSh!!*

n dunch haf 2 sae warte i scold xiao yu or insult her lahx kae?? no matta whether anorte i am angri wif her or warte i will neber do such a tingy okie?? mayb u will but norte 4 mi yuppiex?? i am norte that kinda person lyk duhx!! *ArGh!!* aniwae i just gorte home frm sarah's place n i realli did njoy miself tis few daes yeapx?? btw i gotta sae that LIZ I MISS YA!! hehex!! i simply miss her loads kan?? sad that she was norte dere wif us yeahx?? took a pic wif sarah 2dae n i will get it uploaded soon sho u guys kan view it yeahx?? hehex!! hope 2 cya arnd soon love!! *LuRvE yA!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~