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~*E BeStIe DaEs!!*~

Thursday, May 11, 2006 @ 11:28 PM | 0 comments

I am sho HAPPI!! hahaz!! guess warte?? i met up wif my baby galx 2dae n she ish totalli a BABEZ manx!! simply lurve her 2 e MAX!! hehex!! btw my baby gal name ish NAQIAH!! *U RaWkS!!* met her at bedok straight after her sch n set off 2 town 4 sum shopping spree though we didnt buy anitingy but we haf lotsa fun yuppiex?? hehex!! n i mean real FUN!! miting her onli makes mi fell lyk eating coz wif her u will just simply get tempted 2 EAT!! if i grow fatter its gonna b ur fault kae galx?? hahaz!!

aniwae i haf lotsa fun wif her at town laugh n crapping non-stop!! even when we r eating YOSHINOYA!! hahaz!! oo ya!! she just look sho cutiez in that braces wif that CHUBBY cheeks!! those whu knws her shld knw warte i am saeing!! hehex!! *GoSh!!* i am sho bloated!! hahaz!! after eating we went shopping 4 sum1 gift yuppiex?? but i styl kennot make up mi myne warte 2 buy!! tynk gonna ask him warte he prefer!! hehex!! that ish e best wae outta!! *BlEaHx!!*

after all e town we went 2 bowl as she nid 2 mit farhan sho we end up slacking at bowl!! until it happens 2 rain!! warte a dae manx!! hahaz!! but i did njoy miself!! hope 2 cya soon again my precious!! n we nid 2 take a SHOT next tyme yeahx? *LuRvEs!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*I just can't look its killing me, and taking control!! Jealousy, turning saints into the sea!! Singing through sick lullabies, chocking on your alibies!! But it's just the price i pay!! Destiny is calling me, open up my eager eyes!! Cause' im mr brightside!!*)