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~*ExPeCtS e UnExPeCtEd??*~

Sunday, May 21, 2006 @ 2:41 AM | 0 comments

yupx its kinda surprise that i am home earli 2dae yeahx?? n that ish coz i ran outta of programme 2dae n i am rather tired as well!! *YaWnX!!* 1st i was at parkwae wif my buddy after that xiao yu came down 2 mit mi coz she had no plans!! sho i was lyk okie anitingy yeahx?? i was quite surprise she kal 2 coz she has been busi wif her bf nowadaes!! attached life warte, warte 2 do!! hehex!! as i was heading 2 town 2 mit liz n sarah sho i had 2 ask xiao yu along as well 2 e skate park yarhx?? but didnt knw that he did norte lyk that idea of it n kan sae sho i pissed him off!! uess i spoil his dae 2!! *DaRn!!* ryli look warte u haf done tis tyme!! *GoSh!!* i felt sho damn bad kan?? sorri kae?? i didnt mean 2 bring her down 2 piss u off or sumtingy!! i thot ur hatred of her had vanish but i was wrong yuppiex?? real sorri!! *My ApOlOgIsE!!* lyk warte i said in e sms yuppiex??

i knw it was her whu coz e break up n stuffy n i admit i was pretty upset n angri wif her at that tyme 2!! kan sae that hatred styl do lies in mi abt her causing e break up at tymes n i haf 2 admit that i did scold her after that but warte done kennot b undone!! In a sense continue scolding her n all will get us back 2gether at that point of tyme?? i dunh tynk sho yeahx?? if all that scolding kan get us back 2gether i will definateli scold her lyk nobodi business!! u knw how much u mean 2 mi n all, i dunch nid 2 sae yeahx?? moreover mi n her fwenship r kinda drifted apart nowadaes coz she ish attached sho were more now lyk fwens den gddi fwens?? kan sae sho that wae!! moreover i do norte lyk mixing wif her kinda fwens coz dey r simply more n more GANGSTEROUS!! *ShItTiEs!!* coz her bf ish lyk 1 sho dere goes her fwens lahx!! sho just chill but if ur styl mad at mi abt bringing her down 2 yp 2dae den i aimply dunch knwwarte 2 sae or do!! all i kan sae ish just an apologise!!

aniwae ur thanki word has been appreciated 4 e prezzie!! hehex!! most importantly u lyk it n lyk i sae do use wisely otherwise it will fynsh fast!! n ur haf 2 wait till a long tyme 4 another 1 more yeahx?? hehex!! but it doesnt mean i will buy u another 1 kae?? hahaz!! *BlEaHx!!*

ooo...ya!! i did njoy myself wif u both babe 2dae yeahx?? though i didnt join u n e rest 4 dinner but its okie!! aniwae u galx knw e reasons whyee yuppiex?? *ThAnKi 4 e UnDeRsTaNdIng!!* sho sweet of u both!! (liz n sarah!!) i simply lurve u both loads kan?? hehex!! OMG i sounded sho mushy lahx!! hahaz!! but that galx isnt it?? hehex!! aniwae e 3 wackos rawks!! *WhEe!!*

~*do take gddi kare of urself in camp yeapx?? aniwae u seems 2 b surviving pretty well in dere yeahx?? thats sumtingy great!! hehex!! *MiSsEs!!* *~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*Cause i don't wanna kiss you goodnight, if i kiss me this night is over!! I don't wanna have to say goodbye, no no no!! Galx don't leave me standing at your door, standing at your door!! When this night could lead to so much more, i wanna hold you, i wanna touch you, so when i kiss you!! i don't wanna kiss you goodnight!!*)