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~*GlAd 2 HeAr ThAt!!*~

Monday, May 01, 2006 @ 8:16 PM | 0 comments

ah huh!! glad 2 hear that ur norte a person whu gets angri over little stuffy yupx?? definateli nice knwing u, whether anorte ur reading mi blog but if u read it that warte i wanna tell u!! happi that u haf a bestie whu lurves ya loads just lyk mi haf a buddi whu lurves mi loads 2!! hehex!!

*GoSh!!* didnt sleep e whole whole dae n i just came back frm bugis wif nina!! miss her loads manx!! *SaYaNg i HeArT u!!* hehex!! aniwae dunch sad over oillie that tingy yeahx?? if he ish urs he ish simply urs otherwise dere ish nth we kan do abt it yuppiex?? Move on babi!! u haf loads of admirers dunch u?? hahaz!!

slept in e bus until i happen 2 recieve a kal frm him telling mi that he couldnt bk outta coz he ish styl under confinement yeahx?? ish sho sadistic yeahx?? coz i went 2 yp tynking that i could c u dere!! hehex!! hmmm...styl e old him asking mi abt dickson that guy!! aniwae dunch bither 2 kontact that dickson at all coz alwaes irritating mi!! *ArGh!!* help mi deal wif hi sumdae kae?? i knw u gorte ur waes yeahx?? hehex!! happi 2 receive a kal frm him!! *AnGeLs R fLyInG oVeR Mi!!* *WhEe!!*

aniwae hope that i kan c him soon coz miss him loads n loads!! *MiSsEs!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*Some people works things out and some people dunch knw how to change!! Let dunch wait till the water run dry, we might watch our whole live passes by!! Let dunch wait till the water run dry, we will make the biggest mistake of our lives!!*)

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