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Monday, May 29, 2006 @ 9:43 AM | 0 comments

yeahx manx!! im lyk fynalli blogging again!! hehex!! aniwae had lotsa fun on sat wif blue eyes n e others!! coz wif blue eyes arnd dere ish just simply WooHoo laughterS?? hehex!! *CoOlz!!* when wif dem 2 youth park den after that 2 bedok skate park n end up being screen dere!! WTH!!! hahaz!! den diong was being ,make fun by us coz he was born in e year 1988!! hahaz!! actualli i dunch seem 2 get e craps n e jokes abt that!! wahahaz!! it was super cute though!! hehex!! den that MR JEFF!! neber ride coz he went gaying wif his gay partners shi i couldnt c his pinky yeahx?? hehex!! ride e next tyme kae?? i wanna C it!! hehex!!

Saw that person at youth park as usual but tis tyme round he didnt even lyk tok 2 mi or even came over n joke or sumtingy yuppiex?? i mean i dunch knw whyee i just DUNCH understand!! sorri if i was suppose 2 but i dunch yeahx?? *SoRrI!!* buti seriousli i dunch wanna our friendship 2 even b affected n all lyk warte i sae in mi sms yeapx?? feeling kinda weird without ur jokes n craps 2 yupx?? *TaKe kArex!!*

n on sun i had mi familiy dey n i was eating STEAMBOAT!! its lyk heaven manx coz e food ish super nice kae?? n i mean SUPER!! hehex!! gonna miss e food!! hehex!!

*GoSh!!* n 2dae ish mondae n i am up sho earli that's coz i am goin swimming lyk as usual!! hehex!! Gonna get SUPER tan!! that my GOAL!! hahaz!! just joking!! i wun wanna end up lyk sum blackie or sumtingy!! hehex!! gotta relax on those tanning real soon!! *WoOhOo!!* shall stop here den!! Off now!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*I dont want another pretty face, i dont want just anyone to hold,! i dont want my love to go to waste, i want u n your beautiful soul!! You're the one i wanna chase, you're the one i wanna hold, i wont let another minute go to waste, i want you and your beautiful soul!!*)