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~*JuSt AnOtHeR dAe!!*~

Monday, May 15, 2006 @ 10:20 PM | 0 comments

guess warte pple!! my internet connection ish spoil sho here i am blogging at my god sista hse!! hahaz!! *ThAnKi!!* aniwae receive a kal frm luke tis morning asking mi 4 his BURFDAE prezzie!! hahaz!! i ask him warte he wants obviousli den he sae he wanted a ESCADA perfume!! *WOW!!* lion open big mouth ah!! hahaz!! btw that ish my favourite brand manx!! *WiNkS!!* aniwae promise 2 get him that perfume by SAT!! *OoOhHh GoSh!!* hopefulli i will haf e tyme 2 get it!! coz of all e nyte klazz n evertingy yeahx?? hmmm...but dunch worri BOI i will try 2 get it kae?? *JuSt 4 U!!* hehex!!

btw was at grandlink wif mi jie n her fwen as well as my buddy number 2!! e bubble tea dere!! *WoW!!* bestie manx!! gorte 2 go dere drink again another dae!! hehex!! haf been playing pool 4 e pass few daes that i now totalli miss swimming!! gonna swim soon aniwae!! *MiSsInG iT!!* as usual 2dae lesson ish bored sho half wae i chaos olreadi yeapx?? hehex!! gorte lesson again tml n i tynk e same tingy will happen!! hahaz!!

coz i chaos lesson sho here i am sitting infront of e computer at mi god sista hse blogging!! hehex!! gotta leave soon aniwae!!

~*MiSsInG hIm LoAdS n LoAdS!!*~ *MiSsEs!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*Hey unfaithful!! I will teach you to be stronger, to be strong!! Hey ungrateful!! I will teach you to forgive one another!!*)