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~*A pArKwAe DaE!!*~

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 @ 9:19 PM | 0 comments

i haf simply b sleeping alorte tis 2 daes yeahx?? guess i am realli beri tired indeed!! heheX!! hmmm...as usual being woke up by xiao yu 4 breakfast tis morning den after that i am back hm sleeping yeahx?? didnt woke up again until 4 plus yuppiex?? being woke up by that galx again!! hahaz!! she ah simply my ALARM CLOCK u knw?? hehex!! *BlEaHx!!*

after getting readi n all, met up wif her 2 go parkwae n eat den went 4 a walk n all!! happen 2 met up wif mamat n e others at parkwae coz mamat when 2 repair his fone!! heard he sae he wanna upgrade e programme in his hp yuppiex?? Aiya dunch nid lahx!! hehex!! coz he alwaes change hp wannna yupppiex?? hehex!! when he had 2 collect his hp, mi n xiao yu followed him!! *WaH!!* we waited ho sho darn long kan?? but at e same tyme, we saw an ah gua kae?? but a digusting wanna!! *YuCkS!!* kennot tahan ah!!

At e same tyme, i was waiting 4 mi favourite guess watch 2 get repair coz that clock fingers gorte lose lyk alwaes!! but yet i lurve it alorte coz it was a gift from that special person yuppiex?? till now i styl lurve it alorte okie?? *HeArTs!!* after everytingy ish done, i headed back home wif fish coz i wanna catach e 9pm show yeapx?? hehex!! simply lurve that show loads n loads!! hehex!!

~*simply waiting 4 e dae 2 c him again yeapx?? *MiSsEs!!* hey boi e prezzie ish waiting 4 u!! hehex!!*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*So here i am it's in my hands, and i'll savor every moment of this!! So here i am alive at last, and i'll savor every moment of this!!*)