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~*R fRiEnDsHiP hArD 2 MaInTaIn AfTeR BrEaK??*~

Tuesday, May 30, 2006 @ 5:37 PM | 0 comments

I was outta e whole dae ystd so didnt had e tyme 2 blog coz i was SUPER tired when i gorte hm yeahx?? hehex!! aniwae i chill downstair wif mamat ystd!! fill wif lotsa craps yeahx?? as usual everytyme wif mamt he alwaes cums outta wif all e crap ya guys knw ryte?? hahaz!! he's SUPER farni lahx kan?? hehex!! we were lyk saeing abt desmong n his fromt flip stuffy on e mountain bike!! that incident indeed make mi laugh until i lyk *WoOhOo!!* stomache ache kan??? hehex!! DARN farni!! wahahaz!! we all hads lotsa fun aniwae!! hehex!!

den we even lyk saw a mad man downstair den he kept on doin those weird sound n those farni actions yuppiex?? hehex!! den mamat n e others copied his action n make fun of him!! hahaz!! but he ish Super scary kae?? when he lyk walk pass mi i damn scare coz he lyk kept scarying at mi!! OoOhH...GosH!! hahaz!! but we do had lotsa fun aniwae!!

kan sum1 tell mi r friendship after breaks up hard 2 maintain?? i mean i wun knw whether we will haf a chance 2 b 2gether again but e tingy ish that whether anorte even dere ish friendship between us i dunch knw as well!! coz ur norte even communicating wif mi?? i realli dunch understand abt all tis yeapx?? its realli making mi nuts, tynking over n over everytingy n trying hard by apologising all i kan 2 make u 4gif mi but nth seems 2 work!! Tell mi warte am i suppose 2 do??? warte?? *SaDiStIc!!*

okie gotta go off 4 lesson now!! *AhHhh!!* boring kan!! e lesson sux from hell!! *BoReDeM!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~(*Your're graceful, your grace falls, down around me in my eyes!! Your're lovely, your love leaves, so easily in my eyes!!*)