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~*A rEpLi 2 ThAt SpEcIaL SuM1!!*~

Thursday, May 04, 2006 @ 1:22 AM | 0 comments

lhmmm...i dunch knw realli whether ur reading it yeahx?? but i am glad that i found a new friend lyk u yuppiex?? hmmm...realli hope that u neber cum between tingy but dunch tynk u will!! but if it eva happens, i realli dunch knw warte 2 sae!! perhaps will just go speechless that's all!! kan sae i rather styl dunch get it abt e farni lie part n stuffy yeahx?? hehex!! kan lyk kinda elaborate?? hope i dunch sound lyk a cocki person yuppiex?? hehex!! i just dunch wanna haf ani misunderstanding that ish whyee i wanna let u knw that warteva i sae in mi blog norte realli insulting u yeapx??

Kan sae that person means alorte 2 mi in mi life yuppiex?? till now i am styl waiting daes n daes i wait!! just lyk another of mi ex came back smsing mi asking mi 4 a patch but i simply just reject yeahx?? coz i onli WANT that HIM n ONLI HIM!! no 1 will simply just get into mi life now!! onli that person yupx?? aniwae realli hope that we kan becum fwens in a wae toking 2 each other personalli at e usual place yuppiex?? hehex!!

aniwae now i am at pearl hse coz elieen ish settling sum stuffy n yu ish here sho i accompani her!! hope that tingy r fyne!!

~*Aku tak tawu whyee u will chakup 2 daes lata u will die?? haf u gorte anitingy goin on wif that person now?? if haf i realli wanna knw e truth yeahx??*~ *Nima caseh!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*I have gotta let u knw i feel so weak without ur touch!! I never thot that i could eva love a man so much!! I have gotta let u knw i think that we r destiny!! For you i cross the road, for you i will do anithing!!*)