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~*SiMpLe DaE!!*~

Friday, May 05, 2006 @ 1:09 AM | 0 comments

i was suppose 2 go 4 a swim 2dae but in e end!! hahahaz!! i fall asleep!! guess i was tired yeahx?? aniwae was at town again 2dae wif mi fwen doin nth lyk rotting more den walking!! coz i was lyk that kinda town again attidute!! hahaz!! hmmm...surprsingly i saw e bedok skaters lyk wan cecik dey all at lucky plaza!! guess dey r buying sumtingy yeahx?? hehex!!

luckili i was norrte late 2dae sho mi fwen had 2 treat mi coz it was e decision of dem whu sae whu late den whu treat kae?? e bet was deal down den!! hehex!! sho i haf gotta a dessert treat n a sweet treat!! hahaz!! sho happi!! *WhEe!!*

aniwae i miss dotcom, manaf n e rest whu alwaes slack wif mi at bedok reserviors yuppiex?? it has been a long tyme eva since i last met up wif dem yeapx?? *hey guys i wanna c u all soon kae??* dunch overwork urself regardless ur studing or working yeahx?? hehex!! hope 2 c u guys soon!! *MiSsEs!!* Glad to knw that "new friend" 2!!

~*E person i miss e most ish styl that person n ONLI that person in mi heart!! *MiSsEs!!* loads of misses in mi*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~