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~*SkIpPiNg TyMe!!*~

Wednesday, May 03, 2006 @ 6:17 AM | 0 comments

another dae of skippping lessons coz e maths lesson n teachers simply SUX hardcore kae?? he just simply dunch knw how 2 teach manx!! *PiSsEd!!* n i heard onli 2 pple turn up 2dae 4 lesson!! hahahaha!! warte a JOKE!! coz he couldnt teach whu will wanna waste 3 hrs dere listening 2 his dumb crap teachings!! *GoSh!!* rather stay hm n sleep manx!! *BuLlShIt!!*

Went down 2 bedok wif nina 2dae after she fynsh work!! slack at that area toking n toking abt everytingy taht she feels n i feels!! hahaz!! eat loads 2!! n just simply eating when mi, her naqiah n xiao yu mit up yeahx?? hehex!! i could tell she was styl feeling down abt her ex stuffy but all i could do was 2 gaf her as much advices as possible!! *Sorri i couldnt help much coz i dunch knw him yeahx??* sat at mac n we ran into tis MAD men!! he kept saeing nina was pretty n everytingy!! i was irrtated by hi until he kept pestering us asking us *Do you want cigerrates??* kept asking n asking us!! till i gorte sho fcuking pissed that i just shout at him *DUNCH WANT LAHX!! U DUNCH UNDERSTAND IZZIT??* onli den he kept quiet all e wae!! *WOoSh!!* he was just simply irritating ah!! even nina gorte irritated but she didnt blow n i didnt!! she gorte shock when i shouted aniwae!! hahaz!!

didnt mit xiao yu 2dae n i simply miss her loads yeahx?? but its coz she has exam sho i wun wanna bother her at e moment coz i wanna her 2 do well 4 her exams 2!! that ish warte a bestie will do n norte do tingy 2 harm her yuppiex?? hehex!! i miss naqiah 2!! aniwae studi hard u guys!! mitup wif u both soon after ur exams!! *MiSsEs!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*How do i cope?? How do you cope with, the one you love is with somebody else and there is nothing you can do about it!! How do you deal with, the fact that you had a chance but you choose to turn away from your career!! I got to take it, though it how i break it!! Its something i had to do, but nobody say that it will hurt so bad!! So how do i live, how do i deal without you!!*)