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~*A sPeCiAl DaE!!*~

Friday, May 19, 2006 @ 5:30 AM | 0 comments

Just gorte home coz i was outta wif sarah n her bro slacking arnd chatting wif her bro fwens as well yeapx?? *GoSh!!* i am tired indeed!! ish sho lyk DUHZ!! wahahaz!! aniwae met up wif my buddy as usual alwaes every THURSDAE!! wahahaz!! our mit up dae lahx ah buddy!! hehex!! btw dere goes jasmin shopping spree mood manx!! she bought real loads of stuffy kan?? n i mean LOTS n LOTS!! *WoW!!* i haf norte been in that kinda shopping spree 4 sho sho darn long!! poor mi manx!! gotta save up more sho that dae will cum 4 mi!! wahahaz!! after buying all her stuffy, she gotta go n dey headed hm while i go over 2 cinea 2 mit liz n sarah!!

After miting up wif liz n sarah, 2 of another sarah fwen were dere 2!! we end up at LJS eating n chilling at e moment!! meanwhile we were tynking we 2 go n coz 1 of sarah fwen was driving sho we end up at mount faber looking at scenary n chatting n e same tyme!! her fwen was a JOKER kan?? make us laugh all e wae!! her fwen even gaf mi, liz n sarah nickname!! liz ish known as BLUR GIRL, i am known as DRAMATIC GIRL n last but norte list sarah ish known as e WANNABE GIRL!! hey wassup wif those nickname manx?? but its coolx aniwae!! hehex!! btw sarah n liz r 1 real coolz galx kae?? being wif dem u just kan put all ur problems aside n laugh loud lyk nobody business!! that sounds sho cute ryte?? *CuTiEz!!*

Hey galx u simply rawks my world kae?? hehex!! after mount faber, liz had 2 head home as her younger bro was home alone sho mi n sarah went 2 youth park 2 fynd e others!! n den we end up chilling dere until we went over 2 mit sarah bro yuppiex?? aniwae i njoy myself loads 2dae!! *ThAnKi GaLx!!*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (* And i can't tell if your laughing!! Between each smile, there is a tear in your eyes!!*)