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~*TeLl Mi WhYeE iZzIt ShO hArD 2 LoOk 4 A gIfT?? hehex!!*~

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 @ 9:26 PM | 0 comments

woke up earli in e morning 2dae 2 eat my beancurd!! *DaRn!!* guess i am simply addicted 2 it olreadi yeahx?? hehex!! e beancurd downstair my hse simply rawks hardcore manx!! u peeps outta dere gotta try it sumdae yeapx?? *WhEe!!* mayb dere r other places beancurd that i haf yet 2 try yuppiex?? hehex!! guess it will b soon!! hehex!!

Aniwae i went hunting 4 sum pple burfdae prezzie coz he wanted it on lyk SAT?? hahaz!! he sae it was his book outta dae yuppiex?? went round reckying 4 his prezzie 2 my surprise most of e areas r sold outta!! ur 1 lucki guy that i manage 2 fynd summore of it okie?? hehex!! *WiNkS!!* hope u will lyk it yeahx?? if u tell mi u dunch lyk ah ah ah!! i will simply just skin u alive okie?? wahahaz!! hope u lyk it aniwae yeapx?? hmmm...it was a tiring dae indeed but e challenge was indeed dere!! hehex!!

After goin outta, i rush of 2 lesson n now i am back hm wanting 2 watch e 9pm show yeapx?? *WhEe!!* it ish sho sho interesting coz e show ish just simply getting wae 2 exciting!! *WoW!!* gotta catach that show everydae but i knw i am gotta miss it on fri!! hehex!!

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~