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~*to believe or norte to believe?? to trust or norte to trust!!*~

Monday, May 08, 2006 @ 7:20 AM | 0 comments

*blogging for 7 may 2006!!*

I am becuming more n more confused as e daes go by!! cing her blogs make mi feels that sumtingy ish goin on between that person n her!! i dunch knw whether i am tynking 2 much but cing her moves n everytingy makes mi tynk that dere ish e possiblility!! mi fwen sae i shld ask tingy outta coz if i neber ask i will neber knw warte others r tynking at all yeapx?? but how?? i dunch seems 2 haf e GUTS 2 ask at all!! i becuming stressful!! *StReSs!!* kan sum1 tell mi how?? moreover i just happen 2 read e recent entry that seems kinda lyk sumtingy ish goin on yeahx?? i realli dunch wanna b an IDOIT!! wanna knw warte ish realli goin on yeahx?? i HATE 2 b kept in e dark knwing nth at all!! NTH!! *ArGh!!*

i mean i realli wanna trust tis "new friend!!" but i dunch knw whether 2 trust anorte!! perhaps coz alorte of tingy haf happen that cause mi 2 lose trust 2wards loads n loads of pple yupx?? sorri i dunch mean 2 hurt u mi "new friend!!" but i hope u understand warte i mean n how i feel yeapx?? 2 lose sum1 u realli lurves do HURTS alorte n alorte yeahx?? n guess u haf such an experience 2 yuppiex??
*SoRrIe!!* i knw i seems 2 b selfish but i kant help it!! i simply lurve that person wae 2 much!! i HATE miself 4 being that wae!! *I HATE MISELF!!* but lurving a person that much coz a person 2 lose kontrol of everytingy!! *SaDnEsS!!*

dere may b loads of tingy that u knw more den mi yeahx?? n i realli dunch wanna b kept in e dark norte knwing anitingy yeahx?? i dunch tynk tis ish being fair 2 mi isnt it?? warte will u do if ur in mi shoes?? i bet u will wanna knw everytingy den 2 b kept stupidly in e dark yupx?? even if i am tynking wae 2 much i wanna knw e truth n i wanna knw that i am actualli tynking 2 much!! realli wanna kip tis "new friendship!!" that we haf just made as well!! hate it 2 b destroy sho soon!! hope u will tell mi warte u do knw!! *ThAnKi "new friend!!"*

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*Until the day i die!! I spill my heart for you!! Until the day i die!! I spill my heart for you!!*)

*blogging for 8th may 2006!!*

just gorte hm from breakfast wif fish as we went outta 2 slack just now!! b4 that i was at bowl wif e east side riders lyk dotcom, hasbi, mohad n a few others!! after bowl dey went 2 seng song n dotcom tonpang mi coz he has gorte pax on e back of his bicycle!! *ThAnKi CoM!!* gorte 2 seng shong c dem play!! cing dem do those tricks makes mi tempted 2 ride bicyle 2!! hehex!! *TeMpTaTiOn!!* den we end up at half- pipe where i happen 2 c danny, felix n 1 more of dan fwen!! i was lyk just toking abt him 2 leonard when i saw him earlier at bedok hawker centre!!

*SpEaKs Of E dEvIl!!* hahaz!! Glad that danny ish back 2 studing yupx?? Danny studi hard okie?? ur a smart boi manx!! hehex!! do kip up that looks that u haf yeapx?? n i FINALLY hears ur CRAPS!! those thati miss loads n loads yeahx?? *WhEe!!* aniwae do take karex yeahx?? catch up wif u soon boi!! *PeAcEx!!*

~*E daes r passing by n by n am i doin e ryte tingy?? i am konfused!! kan sum1 tell i warte i shld do??*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!!*~ (*Walk me home!! I dont wanna go all the way alone!! Baby would you walk with me home!! Baby would you take my hand!! Come with me now to a special end!! baby would you walk with me home!!*)