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~ToWn ToWn ToWn DaE!!*~

Sunday, May 14, 2006 @ 3:38 AM | 0 comments

YESH!! i am at town again 2dae as usual!! hahaz!! met up wif xiao yu earli in e afternoon den went down 2 parkwae 4 a walk n after that down 2 town!! e whole dae we were lyk just walking n walking kan sae sort of AIMLESSSLI walking n walking!! wahahaz!! *GoSh!!* wasup wif us manx!! at that same tyme i gotta wait 4 my galx(joanna) n my budddy number 2(wee teck) 2 mit at town!! but in e END coz of all e walking, mi n yu gorte sho bored n tired sho we went hm!! after that i had 2 travel back 2 town 2 mit e other 2!! hahaz!! *WoOsH!!* sho tiring!!

dere i was rushing down once again 2 town 2 mit joanna n wee teck n once again, i was LATE!! hahaz!! sorrie guys!! i didnt mean 2 realli!! hehex!! *BlEaHx!!* den we end up at long john eating!! *DaRn!!* i haf been eating sho much that i feel i am growing fatter!! gotta cut down on food soon!! *WhEe!!* aniwae happen 2 walk pass luke at long john but didnt notice him coz i was busi chatting wif xiao yu on e fone!! *sorri manx luke!!* onli until i heard sum1 kalling mi name den i turn back!! 2 my surprise i saw him lahx!! hahaz!! he was wif his bunch of kahkis!! especialli wif loads of galx!! hahaz!! aniwae i did sae HIZ 2 u after all yeapx?? hehex!!

den when i was eating half wae, i saw fabian n he came walking 2wards mi grabbing mi head turning 2 e direction where hat person was suppose 2 b sitting!! den i said... *I knw he sitting dere n i sae hiz 2 him 2!!* den all fabian said was... *OoOhHh!! okie!!* den a smile on his face!! warte a reaction ah fabian!! thankx ah!! wahahaz!! it was coolz though!! after that we wenf off 2 play pool at parklane n den back 2 mi hm sweetiex hm!! hahaz!! seriousli, being at hm ish sumhow styl e bestie!! *PeAcEx!!*

~*sum1 ish back 2 camp tml n e feeling of missing him will continue on n on again!! *ShItTi!!* do take gddi karex of urself!!*~

~*SiMpLiCiTy RyLi!*~ (*I see your face with every punch i take, and every bone i break!! It's all for you!! And my worst pains are words i cannot say, still i will always fight on for you!!*)